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    Autism Spectrum

    In the words of Jenna Hill, an autistic Psychotherapist, specializing in work with individuals on the Autism Spectrum:

    Autism is more that a diagnosable disorder; it is an identity and a community. Being autistic can be a real challenge. However, it is not the death sentence that many people would have us believe. It can come with many gifts and many obstacles, but oftentimes, the real challenge is having needs that the world can’t (or won’t) help you meet. It’s having intense emotions and obsessive passions in an otherwise indifferent environment. It’s having physical energy building up and demanding to be released (as stimming). It’s being chronically overwhelmed or underwhelmed in a world that feels either too loud or too quiet most of the time. It’s being confused at the dishonesty of others and valuing honesty in yourself. As a fellow human living on the spectrum, I get it. I really, truly do.

    My goal in working with fellow autistic folks is to offer a space where our autism is not inherently seen as the problem. I want you to feel validated and heard as you explore how autism affects you, personally, without feeling like you have to defend yourself for the traits that come naturally to you. Maya Angelou is quoted as saying “when someone show you who they are, believe them the first time”. I will believe you the first time.There is no part of the autistic experience (or even the human experience) that is not welcome here.