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    Sex Therapy Specialization

    In our current society, sex and sexuality is prevalent everywhere: from toxic relationships on Netflix shows to tabloids splashed with celebrity cheating scandals, from unrealistic expectations of sexual relationships in media to fighting for bodily autonomy in the justice system. The media puts unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex, and while some may feel safe speaking to friends about sex and their insecurities, others do not have a place in which to unravel their assumptions and current understanding about sex, sexuality and gender. So where do we go from here?

    Sex therapy involves a licensed professional walking with you to understand your mental and emotional aspects of sexuality. Paired with a thorough understanding of human sexuality, a therapist can use psychotherapy (talk therapy) to help you navigate through sexual issues, questions about sexuality and gender, developing healthy relationship patterns and boundaries, and healing from sexual trauma. Therapists can work with individuals and with romantic/sexual partners, including non-monogamous relationships.

    MaKayla is currently in the process of becoming an accredited sex therapist. She has completed courses from the Institute for Relational Intimacy and aims to be accredited by Fall 2024. MaKayla works with clients to develop a roadmap to confidently discuss sex and sexuality, no matter which sex issues are presenting. Further, she is able to distinguish between the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual components of sex issues to create a treatment plan that prioritizes what clients wish to focus on most.

    MaKayla identifies as a cisgender, queer woman. MaKayla works with adult populations and youth ages +15 years is currently accepting new virtual and in-person clients.