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    Psychoeducational Assessments

    Psychoeducational Assessments are typically sought out or required when an individual is experiencing academic challenges. A thorough structured interview allows the psychologist to develop an in-depth understanding of the individual’s experience. A battery of tests provides evidence of cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses. Psychological, emotional, and behavioural tendencies are also examined. The psychologist will then examine all of the information to determine the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential mental health diagnoses. A full psychoeducational report is completed, including recommendations and suggested accommodations. This report can be shared with relevant teachers, support services, or physicians.

    Psychoeducational Assessments are provided to:

    -Children age 6 -11 in Elementary School (Supervised)

    -Teens age 12-16 in Middle and High School

    -Adults 16+ in High School, College or University programs

    -Employees who are struggling in succeeding in their workplace



    If you feel that an assessment would be valuable, please email or phone to schedule.