• Matthias Barter

    [email protected]

    Matthias Barter is a passionate advocate for the idea that a person is more than the sum of what they are struggling with. His pursuit of a master’s degree in Counselling and Spirituality from St. Paul University helped to develop a special appreciation for the uniqueness of the journey each person undertakes. As a psychotherapist, Matthias believes strongly in providing a place of safety in which clients can begin to look at the areas of their life that they feel stuck in, while facilitating an exploration of where each client derives meaning in their lives. He has experience in treating anxiety, depression, relationship issues, loss, anger, and avoidance. Working primarily from an integrative lens, Matthias combines elements of Cognitive-Behavioural approaches, Client-Centered therapies, and a Psychodynamic emphasis on early life experiences. He believes that the path to mental and emotional freedom is not in “fixing” oneself, but in embracing one’s own strength and value.